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Visiting The Oatmeal, you can never be sure what you’re going to find. The quirky comic site run by Matthew Inman offers a wide-ranging assortment of topics, seen nowhere else. Whether Inman is pondering what level of hell computer printers come from or creating an unforgettable education in the proper use of the semicolon , his commentary is, at once, insightful and riotously funny. The stars of The Oatmeal come and go. You’ll find few recurring characters in Inman’s work, yet he regularly returns to the animal kingdom for comic ideas. From dogs to angler fish to customer service reps , Inman has skewered them all, but among all the animals, his most consistent target has been cats.

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Want to know why it’s so hard to accept a fact that’s contrary to a belief you’ve held since childhood? Seek no further than The Oatmeal ‘s excellent new comic which shows how something called “the backfire effect” can stop humans from accepting new facts, especially if they’re contrary to their own strong beliefs. The comic starts with some facts on George Washington’s teeth, and then takes you through a smorgasbord of other hard-to-believe facts, some of which you’ll have a harder time accepting than others.

It then explains that this is just human nature, stemming from the way humans evolved to fend off predators. While there’s not too much we can do about it, we can at least be aware of it and make sure we’re not blocking out facts for no good reason. A comic may not sound like the best way to learn about the way your brain works, but this one appears well-researched and supported by multiple sources.

Oct 12, – Christopher Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not) – The Oatmeal.

Win every morning with this easy recipe for Not Mushy Oatmeal. My mom had that on a plaque at our house growing up. You see, my parents did not like oatmeal as children. Or liver. As a result, those are two foods I was never required to eat. Neither of them liked it, so why force their kids to eat it?

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I didn’t think it was possible to mess up oatmeal, but I now stand corrected. My oatmeal had a hard crust on it as though it’d been sitting in a pot for a long time and was served with a teeny, tiny plastic cup of milk, an envelope of brown sugar and nothing else. No raisins, no fruit, no nuts. The side of sourdough toast was small and barely toasted. I went back the next morning only because I was staying at a nearby hotel and my veggie omelet and hash browns were better, though the sourdough toast was still lacking.

It will be a while before I venture back into a Denny’s restaurant.

Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, stops by to answer questions about how Working at home, however, can be a bit trying at times. another comic that gives the top 10 reason why it would rock to date a unicorn (from.

I quit blogging last summer. A lot was going on: the end of a toxic relationship, a new career, political chaos, and even online dating which is the most time-consuming endeavor ever, by the way. Also, I started to resent blogging. It was so frustrating. I fell out of love with the entire process. If I like it, great. If not, at least I tried it out. Thanks for being willing to embark on this experiment with me.

Turns out, online dating was so great that the fella I fell for convinced me to move across the country with him. What can I say?

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The Oatmeal is a webcomic and humor website created in by cartoonist Matthew Boyd Inman born September 24, Inman, who lives in Seattle , updates his site with original comics, quizzes, and occasional articles. The Oatmeal has also made the transition to a series of books, featuring content from the webcomic as well as previously unpublished material. In , TheOatmeal.

The Oatmeal was just on the verge of becoming massive. And it all began with free online dating site Mingle2. ME: How many times have you been emailed your own comics with subject lines like “LOL — check this out.

The guy who made the webcomic also made a page mocking pictures he found of women with facial hair. He later removed it due to feminist outrage, but kept his other page where he makes fun of fat men with boobs. The only reason this webcomic exists is to make its creator money. In a better world, its author would be paid more if he promised to stop.

I came across this webcomic for the first time some years ago. I immediately wrote it off as boring and unfunny, and cast it aside. The second time I “discovered” this webcomic, I read it for a while, made the same judgment call, then tossed it away again. The third time, I began to feel suspicious, midway into it, that I had seen this somewhere before. I then realized that I had read this trash in the past and stopped again.

This process repeated itself at least five times. Each time, the webcomic was so bland and uninteresting that I immediately forgot about it as soon as I clicked the back button, only to read it again a few months later. Mind you, that if I recall correctly, I wasn’t even Googling “webcomics” or anything of the sort when I found it, and yet, the maker of this webcomic continues to claim his large traffic has nothing to do with him working as a search optimizer.

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Turns out, online dating was so great that the fella I fell for convinced me At least 14 different Denverites have told me with pride that this city.

You’ve probably already seen The Oatmeal comic in your social media feed several times now. Its beautiful illustrations are paired with an elegant, clever explanation about something called the “backfire effect. The cartoon is powerful because we can all relate to that feeling of using facts to inform a heated political debate or sway someone’s opinion and getting nowhere. And that’s exactly the problem the comic’s author, Matthew Inman, wanted to address, especially in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

The only problem is that political scientists aren’t sure the backfire effect is a real thing, and if it does exist, it may be rare. We know what you’re thinking: Why do the fact police have to ruin the best thing that happened to your social media feed all week? The cartoon is pretty, funny, smart, and even hopeful about the importance of finding common ground when we vehemently disagree.

That’s all great stuff, and very important. But what you should keep in mind while reading the cartoon is that the backfire effect can be hard to replicate in rigorous research. Tom Wood and Ethan Porter, political scientists and assistant professors at The Ohio State University and George Washington University, respectively, and co-authors of the recent study, say they came to the subject of backfire effect as “acolytes.

They found this particular explanation of human behavior so compelling that they wanted to dedicate a good portion of their research to understanding and identifying it.

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Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. A taste of ‘Oatmeal’ — Matthew Inman’s “Oatmeal” comic is one of the most popular humor sites on the Web, spawning a variety of merchandise and two books — including this current bestseller. A word of caution: His humor can be dark and profane.

The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman on Webcomics, Cereal, and His Upcoming More than the numbers, though, Inman’s all about illustrating everyday We’ve hung out a couple times, I’ve included one of her panels in one of The last job I quit was because I founded an online dating website ().

Formerly, just a skilled hobby of his, Inman now dedicates his full-time work towards The Oatmeal, and is thriving in his efforts. A big thanks to Matt for taking the time to answer my questions. Be sure to stop by his store and buy a bunch of stuff for all of your friends and family for Xmas and the rest of the lesser holidays. Without further ado I now present you…. There is no better case study for this ideal than your work at theoatmeal.

Now your site gets 5 million visitors a month roughly 5 million more than thegoodbadger.

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